5 Day Broth And Pasta Fast! Only R699



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Take this Winter by the horns with our Warm and soothing Broth and pasta fast.

You will be given a meal plan with the option of adding additional protein to your dinner option.

This is a cleansing program, and you will receive all the components for the 5 days.




Konjac Pasta is made from The Konjac Root and is a soluble fibre…  The Difference between our Product and the Shirataki products available on the market is that Our Konjac range was Developed over a 6 month period to remove the Preservatives Calcium Hydroxide which is prominent in the Shirataki make up.  Our products do not have a fishy smell as they are in a Saline solution and made of only Konjac flour and water.

We invite you to come and try our products anytime at our Store, so that we can show you how incredible our texture and product is.

To prepare,, it is best with the Rice to Dry fry it for around 5-8 min, you can add an egg to make egg fried rice, and seasoning.  You can also warm in the Microwave.

The pasta is best cooked in your sauce to get the best results.  Konjac pasta Loves Creamy sauces, the creamier the softer the konjac pasta becomes, cook it in your sauce for about 8 min for the softest result and closest resemblance to real pasta!




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