28 Day Titan Diamond Fasting Challenge


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28 Day Titan Diamond Fasting Challenge!


You will fast with three methods of fasting: 16:8; 18:6 and 20:4

Community Support which will have uploaded files for you to go back to anytime and be part of our growing community… You can partake in the group for life.

This challenge includes a very powerful combination of collagen, broth and 1 meal,  with the inclusion of konjac pasta, and the option to make side salads or veg with your meals.

  • Full Meal plan With Fasting Instructions,
  • Group Support is done on Titan Fasting Support Group.


Anyone can join the group for ongoing support.  It costs just R79.99 a month to be a member.

  • Group Support on Facebook, that you can be a member on for Life.  You can cancel your membership anytime. The Support group is available for anyone wanting to get daily support for keto and fasting.
  • Choose 20 dinners
  • 8 portions Gigi’s Magic melting Milkshake
  • 20 portions chia pudding
  •  5 packs Konjac
  • 1 litre almond Milk
  • 10 protein Bars
  • 8 Foccacia
  • 300g Collagen

You Will receive a Full Meal Plan with Instructions on what to have and when to have it.

You can Start the Challenge anytime.

  • PIck 20 meals

    Mandatory items

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